Thursday, September 16, 2010


My last interview was a flop and I remember walking away dissatisfied with how I did. THAT job wasn't what I thought it was and I think my disappointment or sudden lack of enthusiasm was lost once I found out what it was really for... a calendar store. No, thanks.

But the job I interviewed today  for? I could really see myself liking it and even learning more about its services. Massage Envy. It's in the health industry, which suits me perfectly. It went really well...for a first interview! The girl who screened me said she would pass along my resume to the owner for a second interview. She said I was a cute and sweet girl, ha.

I prayed, not to seal the deal, but to feel confident during the interview. I definitely got that blessing today! Hopefully I'll get another job here soon... My days are long when I'm confined inside the house.

And... foot is hurting again. Good gravy!

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