Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i had a dream that the marathon helper people messed up the course BIG TIME. nothing was marked. no one knew where to point me in the right direction. the clock was ticking. i was flustered and frustrated. obstacle after obstacle was placed in my path, preventing me from performing my best. and the clock was still ticking...

i think my foot is almost healed. i read its best to let it heal completely before running on it again. so i haven't ran very much in the last week and a half. makes me anxious. probably why that dream spawned on me last night.

i still miss byu. but i kept myself busy by preparing for my art class today. for that short hour i didn't think about byu. i hope my class goes well. max b. gets to come today since i'll be teaching at his school :)

i kinda like writing my sentences with no capitols. random. but at least i'm consistent in this post.

the house is a mess. "work spaces" o'plenty scattered around for either school, art, quilting...whatever. i wish it was 2 pm.

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