Monday, September 6, 2010

I bleed blue

Nearing the end of my college career, knowing Max and I were moving back to California, I felt like I was ready to move on. I felt ready to leave BYU, to leave Provo, and to leave my whole life there.

...I was wrong.

All I can think is how I miss BYU, how I miss Provo, and how I miss my life there. The other day, my dad, Max and brother-in-law were watching the BYU vs. Washington football game. I couldn't really enjoy it because all I could feel and think was how much I wanted to be back there. Memories flooded and I was caught up in that life again.

I was in and out of there fast. Too fast. I rushed and wish I didn't. How do I forget or ditch the urge to just drop it all and move back?

I've got my art teaching job tomorrow...finally. Maybe it will help fill that void.
I can focus on my marathon training. Maybe that will help fill that void.
I can delve into my gospel studies with Preach My Gospel.  Maybe THAT will help fill that void.

Maybe not...

I love BYU.

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