Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our home.

This is gonna be long.
You were warned.

The family room. It's coming together nicely. We are still on the search for a media console. I really want to score an awesome find on craigslist or thrifting and put a little elbow grease into making it shine in our home. Brand new consoles, at least the ones that attract us, are about $1,000. Nope, can't shouldn't do it. Once we have that, I can put artwork/frames up on the wall the way I envision it. It will help warm up the space a bit more (and I didn't post a picture of the TV wall. I'm saving it for the before and after post... when we get there!)

Want pillows? If you havent mastered sewing perfect squares like me, home goods has some great pillows for only $16. People, these are great deals on pillows! DON'T EVER BUY PILLOWS AT PIER ONE. Just don't do it. Unless you fell in love and can't part with it... but seriously.


The lovely kitchen. A lot of time is spent in here! Can't wait for my next big project and it's kitchen related. Specifically cabinet related ;) It will transform the room entirely! 

NEED CURTAINS! AH. Don't worry, it's on my list.


I white-washed the fireplace before we painted the entire room the color it currently is.

This is the fireplace room. I don't know what else to call it! It's not a dining room. But it definitely will be surrounded with all things related to the gospel. I want a "special room" like we did growing up. Only difference is, we can actually go in it!

I can't wait to either find super cheap curtains or sew some myself that actually hit the floor!

AG Photography temple image (yep, that's right!), thrift store frame, and custom matting. Making a statement!

Just about every single one of these flowers came from the thrift store!


Ugly to dreamy. haha.

ugh, that fan makes me shudder.

The master bedroom... where the magic happens! I always wanted a bedroom that felt like a retreat from the rest of the house. In our apartment, we always had our desk ponied at the foot of our bed, making our bedroom double as an office. It was super romantic. Just another blessing of living in a space big enough for a separate office... or make that two :) 
Now go back up and look at the granite again. Both pictures were taken during the day, no overhead lights, and LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! I really can't make myself get over it. Especially when I'm flashing back to the before photos.

DIY headboard. I'll take it!

The fan from the fireplace room was switched to the master. SO much better.

Repainted Great grandma's table and $6 thrift lamp. Thinking of how to spruce up the shade.... That's for another day!

The offices:

This was a recent find at the thrift store. $8! Max sanded it, stained it, and put on new hardware. Not bad and goes perfect with his thrifted desk!
I'd post photos of my entire room but it's a little messy and chaotic right now. But here are snipits. 
Ah, yes, easy way to add color. Thread and ribbons!

My little desk area.
Well, there you have it! Essentially, every room is still a work and progress, but I'd thought I'd share so that I could look back one day and see the progression. It really is fun to decorate our home and make it feel more and more comfy cozy. I still have an ever growing list of projects to do, but all in due time! Thanks for making it through to the end, hope it wasn't painful :)

Until next time!


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  1. I LOVE your home! You have done such an awesome job! You really have a knack for decorating. Just love everything about it!