Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday AM

Max didn't have work today. Which almost never happens. It was so fun to just hang out in bed a bit longer, talk, beat each other up (haha, but true), and poke fun at each other. We are both fiesty and are always up in each others grillz. Yeah, I said it... grillz. But we love it! Almost to the point where we wouldn't love it anymore and the poking fun turns into real poking and pushing buttons!

My sister ran her first half marathon this morning. Which I hear was VERY hilly. But good for her! It always feels so good to finish a race. All the training and hard work goes into that one day of pure accomplishment! Anybody want to do a race with me?! The medals are AWESOME. SOOOO worth it to get a medal for the months of preparation ;) But, I'm kinda serious about that. Haha. I still have all my medals from high school and from the races I did in college. It's a pride thing..

I really don't have much to write about. I'm just bored. Max took the energy out of me when he left for his accounting activity. The boy is an animal!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We were given some framed art that I could have cared less for. We planned on selling these, along with other items at the Broadstone Garage sales, but that didn't happen. Today, I decided I could make some use of those framed art pieces since they were just sitting in our apartment.
I had to rip the backing off, it was all glued on and stapled pretty good.

This was the original artwork. Do you get why I could have cared less? 
 The original artwork was glued onto the matting really well, so I took out my white acrylic paint (finally putting a use to it!), and painted around the border so that the new "artwork" would cover up the rest.

The artwork I used was actually old scrapbook paper I had, also collecting dust amongst other things, ha. I think it turned out pretty good, plus we now have something to go above the bed until we get really rich and can actually get something nice above it (insert sarcasm). The good thing is, I can switch out that paper for other scrapbook paper from Michaels. NICE! A free project that has versatility! AWE-some.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cake pops=never again

I still have 25 of these babies to dip in chocolate and decorate... I made 50 in all. Uhhh. Ok so there's a couple things about cake pops that I have had a bad experience with:

  1. My attempt at making egg shaped pops turned into triangular shaped pops. Not a great start.
  2. I messed up melting the chocolate every other time. I seriously did nothing different. One time, it melted perfectly, and the next, it didn't. Needless to say, I need to go buy yet another bag of candy melts for the last half of the cake pops. Cruddy.
  3. After dipping the pops, I placed them in my homemade "coke carton"pop holder (another frustrating step because I had to poke all the holes to hold the pops and force the sticks through). So they are all hanging out in different angles. 
  4. I also put them in the freezer to help them set faster. I left them in there TOO long. I pulled them out and they started to sweat. And then the entire surface of the pop was sticky so decorating with sugar made it so hard to get stripes. I had a couple pops that I didn't place in the freezer and they were SIGNIFICANTLY easier to decorate (pictured above). 
I am hoping the last half of the pops will be less frustrating. That the chocolate will melt properly. That I won't want to throw them in the trash. 

I probably won't be doing these again! My time has been well spent slaving over these. Gah. Check out the Bakerella blog. She is an amazing Cake Popper.

Yeah, we call this home

The Bathroom really is a room in itself. We could fit a crib in it EASILY, ha.

Painted headboard and end table on the right. The wood was more "blond" in coloring prior to its makeover.
Oh hi.

Notice my quilt ladder? The flower print pillow is one of the fabrics I got from my M.I.L.

Our table we got for free! It was all brown before. We painted it and antiqued it.
We love our space. We are a different couple being on our own. We think we'll keep it this way :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iPhone Post

Welp. I'm writing this from my phone. So it will be a very short post!

Max has his interview with KPMG right now! I hope he gets it. This would be so great for us and him especially since KPMG has been a huge goal for him. He claims he will throw a FAT party if he gets the internship. BTW, interns work like 60+ hours a week there! Eek. Probably won't be seeing much of him this summer. He can make it up to me with all the big bucks he'll make overtime. Do I kinda sound like I'm putting all my eggs in one basket?

Speaking of eggs, Easter is coming and boy oh boy you know I'm going to bake SOMETHING adorable, don't you? Ill post pictures when we get internet hooked up this week. ALSO, Broadstone communities in Folsom are having a big garage sale this weekend. Maybe I can score something awesome! If you want the details... It's

Want to score a FREE $20 to go towards ANY item you want? Head over here: Http:// and sign up. It's free. I used it for 3 of my emails=$60 for FREE. Yeah I worked it:) Seriously though, use that link. Different "boutiques" post deals every day and there's bound to be something there you love and can get for free! And I'm all about deals right now.. This promo won't last long so dont dilly dally!

Ok so this is kind of a long post... But hey, I haven't blogged in awhile! The baby is up. Gotta go! Peace out homies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The big 2-2

Yesterday I turned 22. What happens at 22?! Nothing, unless we decide to get pregnant. ha.

It goes:

  1. day of birth, 
  2. 5(school), 
  3. 8(baptism), 
  4. 12(teenager!/official babysitter), 
  5. 16(DL/dating...), 
  6. 18("adult"/begin college years), 
  7. 21(drinking schminking, bleh blah)... 
  8. 25? Yeah, 25 is another big one I think. A quarter of a century. 
For turning the anticlimactic age of 22, I sure felt spoiled! Max got me a 90 minute massage. TOTALLY excited. I've been saying for weeks that I need a deep tissue massage. So happy. 

Anyway, here's to yet another year in the life of me!

P.S. we don't have Internet at our apartment, so I can't upload any pictures of our apartment yet! (I'm at my parents house right now..). Sure enough, I WILL post all that I promised I would :)

1st coupon experience

Should not really count. I mean, you how when you move somewhere brand new after living at your parents house for almost a year, you basically have to start over with everything from food to toilet paper? Yeah, that's exactly what happened to us. Go figure.
We probably saved $60+ dollars but we also spent a lot because we needed EVERYTHING. As is expected when making a move and starting from scratch. One thing that is important... or at least a good idea to be in on, is becoming a member of the rewards program of your grocery store (if they have it). CVS gives you Extra Care Bucks which is like cash (accumulated from previous purchases) that you get to spend in the store.

Also, another good idea... be organized with your coupons! I have a little organizer but, it can be frustrating to sort through them all while shopping to see if you even have a coupon for a certain product. Make a list BEFORE going to the store so that you're not tempted to buy more than you need and you don't get yourself in a tizzy searching for coupons you may or may not have.

Luckily for us, my parents get the Sunday paper so I'm over here snatching up those coupon inserts (Red Plum and Smart Source)! Keep the store advertisements because they list the deals and it makes it easier for you to pair coupons with items that are for sale that week. Reduces the stress. Trust me.

I know I'll get the hang of this. I know it'll be worth it in the end.


Water for Elephants has an official rating of PG-13. WOOT WOOT! SO happy. Well, maybe not that happy. As happy as you could get for a movie in theaters. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

4 days

Until move-in day! Ah, we are so anxious! We just got back from an awesome trip to Paso Robles to see Max's parents. Very beautiful down there! I got hecka hooked up! Lol. NEW fabric to make pillows for our apartment and spruce it up a bit. I am really excited to make them and display them in our apartment. It's all about the accessory accents, people.

We also got the end table that matches our headboard (which we painted a while back). I just finished painting the end table this afternoon. Boy, it's hot out there! :)

I'm also getting prepared for my run to the grocery store this week with ALL the coupons I've been collecting. Eek. Hope I save a lot of money while getting a ton of food! Any tips from you couponers out there?

Sorry this is a pictureless post. I will take pictures of our apartment though...before and after :) As well as those awesome pillows I'll be making, and our bed set we painted. Hmmm... oh and you'll get to see the dining set we painted (remember, the set I scored from our neighbors down the street? It was just sitting on the sidewalk!).

Max and I are going to go thrift store shopping, heh. See if we can find a cool coffee table or something to add to our eclectic apartment ;) Of course, I love to paint furniture so count on that happening! By the way, if you check, every day they offer a bucket sample of paint, a tray and rollers and $5 coupon for FREE! I just ordered mine this morning and will be getting it within a week or so. All I gotta do is find something unique and fun to paint it with the color I picked out. (BTW, this offer goes fast, so I'd get on early in the morning if I were you!!!).