Friday, November 18, 2011


It's a crazy time. School is coming to an end, wedding plans are in motion, and I'm fighting to get ready for my black belt test... It really is taking me longer than it should... But, here are a couple updates that have been exciting for me:

Welcome sweet little Violet! Born on 11/11/11. If you don't know, these two siblings made quite the entrance into this world with their birthdays. Everett was born on the 4th of July and Violet, on Memorial Day. Patriotic, yes? Auntie loves them both so much.

Erin and Owen came into town for Alexis' bridal shower Memorial Day weekend. I love that little munchkin so much, I could just eat him! He loved Max. I tell ya, nothing is sweeter than hearing Max playing with Owen and hearing Owen laugh and respond back to him. Melts my heart.

Max let me have my dream. Yes, he gave me the OK to purchase this beauty, via Amazon for a great deal! Now I know it's not the T1i, or the T2i, or the T3i... but, it's not about the body of the camera as much as it's about the lens of the camera. (So I'm told). And once I get the hang of it, I'll be able to spend those extra hundreds of dollars on better lenses. Merry Christmas to me! The point and shoot just wasn't cutting it anymore :)