Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hey Grandma, You Need a Haircut!

 Next time, we'll just have her jump in the shower instead of spraying her head (some of her face) with the spray bottle. Ha. Her face says it all huh.
 Alexis' comments were making Grandma nervous about me doing the cutting. Pretty sure she demoted me... or forbid me... from further cutting her hair. I had to explain that Alexis was just overly freaking out. It all ended well!
What a good sport she is!


 Him: New suit jacket
Her: Gold jewelry and an Anthropology wallet that left my heart throbbing when I didn't buy it. Lucky for me, Max listened to my heartfelt story and got it :)

Fats. It was a lot of yummy food.

 Year old cake!

 So glad we had cream on the outside instead of fondant.

 It's still REALLY good. I just ate more of it today.

A whole year. Three hundred and sixty-five days. When it came, it felt like it went by so fast. (When I was in kinda felt like the longest year ever ;) ). We learned a lot, fought a lot, and loved a lot. We're still new to this marriage thing and making adjustments but we're in a place where we're both happy and can still have fun with each other. Opposite personalities coming together and figuring life out together has been quite a journey so far and we're excited for what the next year holds for us. We've got some big plans coming! :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got it

My next book?

Book Review

The Glass Castle holds up to its reputation. Wow. When you think you have it bad, just read what Jeannette Walls went through and she'll look like a Saint. It's fortunate for us readers that she could remember so much of her childhood in such detail. Her parents drive me crazy and I seriously had jaw-dropping moments when reading about their "parenting techniques." This is a memoir to read! Thanks to Meghan Getz for recommending and letting me borrow it :)

It took me awhile to get through it with all the holiday celebrations going on lately. Lucky for me, I get the bulk of my reading done while nannying (when the baby is sleeping!). Oh and I did eventually get the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from the library but was so busy didn't get in deep enough to read it all and had to return it to the library. My sister says that its hard to get through and it's only exciting towards the end of the book anyway. True?

Any other recommendations?

Monday, December 20, 2010

This post is purely for my enjoyment

so I can watch it over and over again without logging into my email and searching for it :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This week has been a long one.

With three jobs, karate classes, and prepping the house, it gets to be very tiresome:

  1. I teach art to kids, nanny, and take care of my grandma throughout the week. 
  2. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I attend Black Belt prep until late into the evening. 
  3. Don't forget soccer Wednesday nights (this week the game was at 10 PM!).
  4. I didn't get much of a weekend seeing as I was painting all day today. 
  5. I furthered my ambitions and painted the baseboards and doors in my own room, cleaned up the walls a bit, along with rearranging the furniture and "re-decorating." 
Did I mention I did this on 3 Oreo Cookie truffles and 2 bites of a burrito? Once you get busy, food becomes an after thought...

Max is celebrating Taylor's bachelorism before the big day. I'm not quite sure what he will think, but the room definitely needed a change. It was driving me crazy and it was so messy.

Nothing feels better than a clean room, with a fresh look, and clean sheets on the bed to fall asleep in...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Surprise

I felt like a little kid tonight.
I ordered a Christmas CD from for Max.
Not just any Christmas CD. A Johnny Cash CD..

And it came today! So I was frantically texting Max, asking when he would be home if at all since he has class tonight at SacState. I cleaned up the room, made the bed, hung up clothes and put shoes away. I was going to wrap it up and leave a note strategically placed on the bed. But he got home.

Change of plans. I asked which car he was taking because I needed to "get things out of it before he left." I left the wrapped present on the seat with my note reading:
"For those 'Johnny Cash' moods you get around the holidays" 
(Since the other day he turned MY Christmas radio station to a Johnny Cash CD... not that I don't love J. Cash, but I ONLY want Holiday music on for the rest of the year! ha)

So there it is. The perfect gift. For him. And maybe for me too :)