Our Story

I met Max at a singles ward activity while back home in California one summer. His "best cousin" Taylor introduced us: "Hey your brother dated her sister, so you guys should date!" We both didn't think much of it, but we did start seeing each other here and there at parties.

Taylor--the man who started it all. What are best cousins for?!
I made dating very difficult for us, no surprise. I cancelled the first date; he thought I wasn't interested anymore but we still had contact. He pursued even harder!

After a few months, December came around and I started really falling for this guy. I'd make comments like "You Love Me!" He never denied it, but he hadn't said it. I kept on saying it every now and then and soon enough he responded "You know what, I do love you!" I didn't say it back right away... It wasn't until Christmas day that I told him I loved him too.

My first "surprise trip" from BYU to see Max in Jan. 2009
Of course, I didn't think we would go past New Years since I was moving back to Utah for school. He didn't think so either. And somehow we found ourselves working the long distance relationship. It was no picnic being apart so long!

On July 4, 2009, Max proposed to me beside the Yellowstone River in Glendive, Montana. I knew it was going to happen during that trip but I suspected a big date night for it--no date night. He claimed he couldn't wait any longer, so he invited me for a stroll and dropped down to one knee. (He won't admit it, but he started to put the ring on my right finger instead of my left! Tomato/Tomatoe ha)

Max and I were married for time and all eternity in the Sacramento Temple on December 23, 2009. The day was perfect as we were surrounded by friends, family, and the wonderful spirit of the Christmas season.