Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gospel Doctrine

Well, Max and I have been called to teach the 17 year olds. Last week was our first week and we were not so prepared with the lesson. Luckily, the Gospel Doctrine manual is very well planned out like the Primary manual, so we were able to skim by for the hour.

Now, if you don't know, I like to be very prepared. I like to plan out lessons and know what I'm talking about. I don't like to come across like I don't know things whether it's Gospel related or not. I want the kids to know that I care about the Savior and what He had to say. I want them to see what I see when I really get to study the material; I want their testimonies to grow. I promised the 17 year olds, a whopping 3 of 'em, that we would be MUCH more prepared come this Sunday. Well, when I say we, I mean me. Max is still a skimmer.

Before receiving this calling, I had been asking myself, "What's it going to take for me to really study the scriptures?" "What's it going to take for me to diligently pick up my books and really read the messages and not just the words on the page?" I knew I had the right intentions, the right desires... I was just failing on the action part. It's kind of like when you plan to go to the Temple at least once a month and somehow 30 days seems to go by really fast without you ever stepping foot inside the doors (When I say you, I mean me).

"Faith without works is dead"

Boy, is that statement true and I have felt the consequences of not doing the work. It's something kind of special to recognize that there is a difference between really putting forth the physical, emotional, and spiritual effort opposed to just doing the physical part--the "going through the motions" side of it all.

I was listening to my mom today talk about her lesson preparations and her thoughts (she teaches the adult gospel doctrine class) and as I was watching her, I could see her pure love of the Savior and of the Gospel. She talked about Him as though they were the closest of friends. She talked of the scriptures with passion, tearing up as she testified to Max and me what she knows is true. There is a light in her countenance and I thirst for the same. 

If I'm thirsting, I must be in need of replenishment and I know this calling has been the answer to my prayers. To just skim the lesson, as I did last week, will not increase my faith. Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to increase my faith and testimony and now I must act on it. I know Heavenly Father knows me. He loves me. He wants me to find joy in this life and it's through my Savior that I can. I'm so blessed to know Him as I do and I'm so blessed to get to know Him ever more as I magnify my calling.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Community Garage Sales

I could garage sale for hours when communities put on events like this. I love seeing other peoples' junk and finding what are my treasures. This past weekend, Max and I and our families went on a treasure hunt!

We scored a new dresser, which I originally thought would be so adorable in a baby's room since it has smaller drawers... but for now, it's my own dresser and surprisingly fits all that it needs to! Of course, we rearranged our bedroom to accommodate... 
His and Hers Dressers

The dresser is more green than what it looks like here. It actually goes well with our color scheme. BUT, I'm thinking I'll paint it off-white with a little bit of antiquing for the baby.... :)

Max found this cool, drift-wood type clock. It's got an older, classic feel to it which totally fits Max.

We got tennis rackets so we could play at the courts right across the street :)

I also got a few books for $0.50 each.

Finally, we got 15 DVD's for $1.60 EACH! Seriously, loved that deal. We watch movies all the time, whether it's from our collection, my mom's, my in-laws, the movie theater or Redbox. So I'd say it was a good move on our part to expand our collection. We're big movie people.

 And I made the best cookies ever tonight. YUMMY.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, it didn't take long for me to rearrange a little bit! Remember when I told you how Max thought we had WAY too many pictures of just us and not any of friends and family? Remember when I told you how he thought it could present kind of an awkward situation when we were going to have friends over? Like, "Hey, here's our apartment and here are a ton of pictures of us for you to enjoy!"

Well... problem solved:

We got a schnazzy mirror which prompted me to rearrange in the first place!

Sorry the picture quality is as good as my cell phone because it. was. taken. from. my. cell. phone.
I like to hang things up on the walls and create a cozy atmosphere-- just like my momma! My mom always had walls FILLED with photographs of our family, so this kind of brings me back home a little bit :) Plus, it's fun to just look at when you're bored ;)

And if you're wondering where that ladder shelf and blue painting went....
I like that this photo shows everything in one shot.
It's a temporary fix to fill the huge space in there!
I don't know why, but it always feels good to rearrange a space. Am I right or am I right?!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Void to fill

Ok, I'm going to be honest... I have putting the pressure on Max big time to have a baby. He is close. He keeps telling me this but he's not there yet. And if I really put aside my own wants and try to listen to his and probably the Big Man up there, I realize I could wait a little while longer.

And then the truth really comes out...

I feel unfulfilled in what I'm doing with my life! I feel like my jobs are not suitable jobs for a BYU graduate--they're summer high school jobs. I am extremely disappointed that I can't do a thing with my degree because it's the type of degree people take WITH PLANS for going further in school and obtaining a Masters or Doctorate degree. I've always felt behind in my decisions to where I feel like it's too late or I don't have the patience---like patience to be in school for over double the years it would have normally taken had the California schools not been PACKED with students and with budget cuts going into effect every semester...

I wish
I guess I knew that having a child would be fulfilling because really... what's greater than raising a child in your own home, nurturing, loving and teaching him/her? It truly is a divine calling to be a part of motherhood and I feel like I play mommy every day with all the kids I see/nanny/play with! I know I'm ready to take care of my own now but it may not be my time just yet... Or I should say that it may not be our time yet.

The kiddos in my life:
See why I want one so bad?! Max looks good with a baby ;)
I pulled the blanket from his face to reveal this... LOL!

Literally, my entire phone memory is of pictures and videos of these kids! 

Until our baby time, I guess I need to research and find out what kind of jobs I can get now with my degree... jobs where I could grow and move up OR research what area of study I want to go into for my Master's degree. The stress and pressure never ceases! Max and I are going to the Temple this week. Long over-due and I look forward to the peace and serenity found within those sacred walls to calm my troubled soul.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Did you know they are coming out with a movie based on this book? 
I'm a little bit into it and I'm liking it already!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lisa Ann

I know I'm behind, but it's never too late to honor your mother... my mom. 

I am so grateful to go through this life and have my mom by my side, showing me constant love, support, and generosity. She is, without a doubt in my mind, the strongest woman I have ever known for many reasons, but here are a few BIG ones:

  • She raised six children, and all that goes with those ups and downs. 
  • She went back to school for her Master's to earn a job to help her family, giving us very blessed and fortunate lives.  
  • She dedicates hours preparing Sunday school lessons, putting forth her best effort to learn and grow spiritually and to help those she teaches learn and grow in the Gospel. 

Before I got married, my mom was always encouraging me to be involved with life itself! She encouraged me when I ran Cross Country, showing up to my meets to cheer me through the finish when I wanted to collapse. She pushed me to develop my musical talents, putting me through piano lessons and coming to my Music Man performances. She always advocated for an education and screamed with joy when I told her I got into BYU-Provo.  She was there when I had my heart broken and experienced what seemed like mountainous obstacles. She was there when I confided in her my joys and my sorrows. She gave me a beautiful wedding as I began to take my first steps out of her arms and into somebody else's.

Now that I'm married, I don't think I could have ever needed her more! And I am so grateful she could give me guidance when I hadn't a clue in the world what to do with my marriage. She has helped me, questioned me, and pointed me in the right direction so that I could find the answers myself.

My mom loves her family. All of us. She never wants to miss an opportunity to travel or visit with her children and grandchildren and believe me, she'll make it happen no matter what! I'm lucky to have her just 10 minutes away.

Happy Mother's Day to all the women in my life!

We party

So, when Max got the interview with KPMG, he told everyone he would throw a big, fat party if he got the internship. Already putting our eggs in the KPMG basket before even talking to anyone at the company ;) FORTUNATELY, he did get a spot for their Summer internship program. 

Consequently, we threw him a party! We had about 20 people show up. I'd say that's pretty successful given Max and I have not been so social the past year and a half, let alone host a party by ourselves. I was freaking out no one would show up!

Took a few pictures here and there. Not everyone was captured. But it was a blast and we're so happy and grateful our friends and family came to show Max some love.
At the very beginning of the evening.

The babies got nakey in the hot tub. They loved it!

One of his favorite aunties. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


*I deleted my previous post due to sensitive information.

Short recap: Max got the internship with KPMG!!!

Next? Baby ;)