Tuesday, December 11, 2012

House: pre-paint, pre-clean, pre-awesome

Let me first off apologize for not rotating the photos correctly. I just got back from a run and I don't want to go through my photo folder back to this day and rotate them all. I have too much to do!

Also, because I only own a 50mm lens, it makes capturing entire rooms impossible. SO, these are just to give you a taste for the filth that was in this house. These photos were taken before we had the keys, so I don't have any of the dreaded refrigerator... too gross to think about....

Hole in the bedroom
Max patched it right up! 
Ugliest fan in our master bedroom.
Bathroom sink granite. Hmm.. left over soap?!
Master bath. Nice mirror, bad color. Eventually we re-did that!
Just gross crap all over the walls, baseboards, and floors.
Fireplace! Love that we still have one. It was filled with dog hair.
Dog grease and dirt on the walls. Baseboards that were scratched at no doubt by the pups.
Another look at the disgusting-ness.
Filth under all the windows.
Sliding door. Can't see, but dog prints and mud were on both sliding door sets.
The only photo I did take of the fridge. Let me tell you. This is GENTLE filth in comparison to what I found underneath the drawers. YUCK. 
Lazy Susan! Haven't had one of these since living in the Cameron Park house in my youth. Kinda cool. 
Leftover bed. Yuck.
That was a black widow inside the house that Max smashed. At least I'm pretty sure it was one. I HATE spiders.
Fan in the fireplace room. We switched this over to the master and flipped the fan blades upside down because it was a totally different color on the other side (reversible!). Awesome. Look at the dust and dead skin cells and dog hair that accumulated on that fan! 
Fireplace sliding doors. It was a joke when people came over to say that was our new pool (not our joke, the joke of those visiting! ha).
Close up of sliding door. Cobwebs, mud prints. I swear there was dog poop in the inside tracks when I was cleaning. Nasty.
The white grout was covered by a urine and dog infested rug and thus you see what happened to the rest of the grout throughout the house when it went unprotected. 
Fireplace room lacked baseboards in a section of the room. Luckily we found the match and are able to finish it off!
The only other thing you're missing is the smells. Dog smells. And just layers of dog hair. As I was ripping up carpet, layers of dirt and dust would escape into the air. It was just sitting in that carpet! And the gross thing you see when you rip up carpet is all the staining underneath. With 3 dogs, I'm sure most of those were urinating accidents.

The other item was the termites. That was a real turn off and we got that fixed immediately!

And now for the iPhone photos.

Can you see where the area rug once was? Quite a contrast on the tile!

In the original house, that whole opening was an actual wall and you entered the kitchen (which has also been remodeled) from the fireplace room. We LOVE the more open floor plan with the remodeling that was done. Much more up to speed with the layout of newer homes today.

We do have the doors (everyone always asks). But we are leaving them off for now.

Guest bath
Master shower 

We had to fix the fence before getting the loan. Thanks Dad for having ALL the tools and materials we needed!
Alright, there you have it! We have done a lot of work thus far. It's amazing what cleaning and painting can do to a house. That and getting new carpet! BTW we recommend Home Depot. We went to an actual carpet place and got a quote... Home Depot was LESS expensive by more than half the cost of the carpet place. It was very clear which route we were going to take.

K. Updates will come. Later. Much later. :)

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