Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY matching game

*apologies for the quality of pictures. sometimes it's just easier to take them with your phone than the actual camera!

So I had this grand idea to make a matching game that was magnetic (you know, so the pieces could be played with in one's lap if a hard surface wasn't available... say church...), but the laminator didn't like such thick pieces going through it. So we're just sticking to the old fashioned way of playing! 

The yellow drawstring was the wrapping of a gift giving to us from my S.I.L and served as the template for the second bag I made. 
Why two you say? 
Because I made two sets of matching games. 
Ah. Yes. Of course.

 Can you see the magnets? haha, oh well!
I used old scrapbook paper for the pieces 
(because once upon a time, I thought I was going to be this huge scrapbooker 
and creative a massive book of my college memories... freshmen year
Hey, I had a lot of memories for only two semesters time!)

I digress.

I also used my handy dandy circle puncher to make the whole process go smoother. 
Much better than tracing out circles and then hand-cutting them, right? 

I always joke that I am going to make all the toys my kids could ever NEED and we will save the money spent on those noise makers people seem to love to buy for their kids at the store on other things like diapers... I am not a huge fan of toys that make a ton of electronic sound... maybe a few here and there are ok... I'd rather my kids be making their own music or listen to a children's CD than hear the repeat button pressed every 5 seconds on a toy (before that toy is even done singing it's tune nonetheless!) 

And maybe I won't even care once baby comes one day. But... I doubt it.

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