Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Cake Plate(s)

I love cake plates. I see them at HomeGoods and think, "Oh, I have to have that!" Luckily, I have this habit of walking around the entire store holding the one thing I picked up... You know, to let it marinate in the brain a little bit before heading to the front of the store. I almost ALWAYs end up putting that object back on the shelf.


I was at Walmart today and found these candle stands. I immediately thought "ooooh, cake plate!"

It's true.

So I bought 1, 2, 3, 4 of 'em! I was only going to make two cake plates and use the others for actual candles when I walked into HomeGoods to find two plates and...

ended up finding 4 plates! They were just so pretty and lovely and sooooo Ashley.

Next stop. Michael's to find that super duper strong glue. I found the tube, whipped out my phone with the Michael's app coupon pulled up and got it for a discount (around $2). Score.

Deciding which plate to go on which candle stand took 5 minutes because of the varying heights of the candle holders. The whole which plate looks best with which height dilemma. Typical right?

 Next, get the glue ready.

Clean off plates and candle holders. Turn plates upside down. Apply thin strip of glue along the edges of the candle holder and press into the center of the plate. I went along the edges in various spots where the candle and plate met to give it extra support. Let sit for 24-72 hours before using.


Daring, are we?
I've seen people do this project for VERY little money (we're talking Dollar Store ball court). Meaning, they will have the smaller, candle holders that fit the tall single candles (ya feel me?) and buy plates from the Dollar store. TOTALLY awesome, but... I loved these candle holders from Walmart because they seemed more sturdy and I liked the design. I also wanted really adorable, cute plates which I knew HomeGoods had for around $2.99-$3.99 per.

Whole project was under $30. And we all know cake plates can go for almost $15-20 per, especially if they are big ones like the two big plated ones I have. Each of my cake plates would come to about $7 each. I just love mine! And the colors go perfectly with my color scheme in my humble abode :) Now, I know that if I ever want a cake plate... I will ALWAYS remember I could make one for a fraction of the price. Hmmm.. blessing or curse? haha


  1. What a brilliant and fantastic thing to make...very useful as a homemade gift too!
    May have to do this myself...thanks for sharing x

  2. Replies
    1. I love your cake plates, Ashley. I too love DIY, and am always amazed at what others do to make their own beautiful "upcycled" DIY projects for a fraction of the cost. I have too much stuff after yrs of collecting, but that doesn't stop me, lol. I'm giving it away now insead of keeping everything, which makes both hubby and me happy! I get to make beautiful things, and gift them instead of keeping everything. Its a win, win situation!
      Another thing that is fun to do, with plates, candlesticks, bowls, etc is to make "Garden Art." You make flowers and things for your garden out old dishes. So pretty! Clear silicone that is waterproof, heat and cold resistant, a great "glue." I've used E6000 w a dab of hot glue for indoor projects or the clear silicone for indoor and outside projects.
      I really enjoyed your seeing your blog. Keep crafting and creating! 😍
      Blessings, Tori

  3. Love your cake stands! They are so fun to make aren't they? I've been making all kinds of them for a while to and would like to offer another option on the glue (I've tried them all) Home Depot or similiar stores carry a DAP brand that I find has worked the best. It is still clear silicone but used for aquariums and is totally food safe as well. Just thought I'd share. Keep creating!

  4. Jackie Hampton WhiteApril 4, 2014 at 2:26 PM

    Love the colors. Glue has been issue for some of my projects. I will try the Michael's glue and your Susan's suggestion also. Thanks girls.

  5. Thank you for sharing, as well as providing some humor along the way. They are awesome.

  6. Im going to make some for my wedding
    thank you for a perfect idea

    1. The first one I made was a double stand with pink flowers for my hair stylist's wedding gift. She used it at her reception. That kicked off an obsession for me. I made them for about 3 yrs and sold them at craft shows.

  7. These cake plates are so beautiful! Wonderful diy project!

  8. I made these for several years and sold them at craft shows. I loved shopping at garage sales and flea markets for antique plates, candle holders, vases, even crystal toothpick holders to use for bases. I called my booth Up On a Pedestal. I eventually rented booth space in Vintage Marketplace in my town. Sales were good around Christmas, but I really didn't make a profit. Just enough to pay the rent on the space. It was fun though. The shop closed and I lost interest in making them. Still have lots in my storage building. I've used some for gifts and fundraisers at church.