Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cake pops=never again

I still have 25 of these babies to dip in chocolate and decorate... I made 50 in all. Uhhh. Ok so there's a couple things about cake pops that I have had a bad experience with:

  1. My attempt at making egg shaped pops turned into triangular shaped pops. Not a great start.
  2. I messed up melting the chocolate every other time. I seriously did nothing different. One time, it melted perfectly, and the next, it didn't. Needless to say, I need to go buy yet another bag of candy melts for the last half of the cake pops. Cruddy.
  3. After dipping the pops, I placed them in my homemade "coke carton"pop holder (another frustrating step because I had to poke all the holes to hold the pops and force the sticks through). So they are all hanging out in different angles. 
  4. I also put them in the freezer to help them set faster. I left them in there TOO long. I pulled them out and they started to sweat. And then the entire surface of the pop was sticky so decorating with sugar made it so hard to get stripes. I had a couple pops that I didn't place in the freezer and they were SIGNIFICANTLY easier to decorate (pictured above). 
I am hoping the last half of the pops will be less frustrating. That the chocolate will melt properly. That I won't want to throw them in the trash. 

I probably won't be doing these again! My time has been well spent slaving over these. Gah. Check out the Bakerella blog. She is an amazing Cake Popper.

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