Monday, April 4, 2011

4 days

Until move-in day! Ah, we are so anxious! We just got back from an awesome trip to Paso Robles to see Max's parents. Very beautiful down there! I got hecka hooked up! Lol. NEW fabric to make pillows for our apartment and spruce it up a bit. I am really excited to make them and display them in our apartment. It's all about the accessory accents, people.

We also got the end table that matches our headboard (which we painted a while back). I just finished painting the end table this afternoon. Boy, it's hot out there! :)

I'm also getting prepared for my run to the grocery store this week with ALL the coupons I've been collecting. Eek. Hope I save a lot of money while getting a ton of food! Any tips from you couponers out there?

Sorry this is a pictureless post. I will take pictures of our apartment though...before and after :) As well as those awesome pillows I'll be making, and our bed set we painted. Hmmm... oh and you'll get to see the dining set we painted (remember, the set I scored from our neighbors down the street? It was just sitting on the sidewalk!).

Max and I are going to go thrift store shopping, heh. See if we can find a cool coffee table or something to add to our eclectic apartment ;) Of course, I love to paint furniture so count on that happening! By the way, if you check, every day they offer a bucket sample of paint, a tray and rollers and $5 coupon for FREE! I just ordered mine this morning and will be getting it within a week or so. All I gotta do is find something unique and fun to paint it with the color I picked out. (BTW, this offer goes fast, so I'd get on early in the morning if I were you!!!).


  1. let us know how the couponing went. I coupon some but so many stores don't do double coupons now so its hard to get amazing deals but I guess every penny you save it good.

  2. what the heck you should be excited to see me in a few days! thats more exciting!