Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Wonderful Life

Today has been so great. We found out that we have officially been approved for our apartment! April 8th is the move-in date and we are so excited. We will be moving into my sister's ward! --Bonus!  It will be so wonderful to have our own space again, though we are grateful for the hospitality of my parents (Thanks!).

L is moving her arms from her crawling position! So happy about it. Usually she'll just push herself up in the crawl position and then go right back down. But today, I caught her on video moving her arms underneath her! Won't be long till she's mobile... Is it bad that I want to be the first one to see her crawl?! Almost like taking pride that I made her succeed or something...

After nannying and teaching, I came home and was still in the busy bee mode. I cleaned the kitchen and our bedroom. I also fawned over my new Scentsy bars I just received in the mail (I am a HUGE fan of Scentsy... especially since I won $50 worth of products from a give-away... See? You CAN win). I won't need to buy another candle for years (if you know me, I am obsessed with candles and smelly products and setting the mood, so this will save me $$).

Tonight, I made yummy White Bean and Chicken soup with dinner rolls, all of which was consumed (yay for appetites!). I also went to my niece and nephew's Science Fair! The kids are so cute. I even had some KidzArt kids at the Fair say hi to me and one kinder just kept giving me hugs! So sweet.

Plus, it didn't rain. I don't know if you know, but yesterday massive amounts of rain came all day long, so it was at least pleasant going in and out in-between work and errands.

It's only Wednesday. Wednesday's are NEVER this great. Refreshing!

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