Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm an athlete. Period.

Good news. I got my butt out of the house to go running yesterday! And, today, I did it again. Yay! I'm hoping this will be more consistent. And yes, it is only day 2 but if I talk about how great and awesome and easy it is, maybe I'll keep doing it. Bad news. I still eat all the carbs, chocolates, and ice cream I indulged myself with prior to running.

Our soccer team, Tuff-E-Nuff, has lost the past 2 games which can be a little bit of a downer, however I am getting better. A lot better if you compare it to my first game I played. And plus, it's fun to socialize with fellow teammates. If you haven't caught on, Max and I have a limited amount of "friends" we see (or lack thereof), so ACTUALLY seeing everyone on Wednesday nights is refreshing.

Lastly, karate is getting better. I'm remembering more and more every class. Aiming for June to test. Will it happen? There's a chance it won't, but there's also a chance it will. I keep telling myself that it's happening this year whether it's at the beginning, middle, or end. IT'S HAPPENING. Earning my black belt has been on my list of "to-do's" for years. Y E A R S.

Happy exercising!

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