Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Mesh of Today's Happenings

  1. Woke up. Started getting ready for church and then realized that there was a time change! We missed church...oops! Not sure how I'll like this new change...the days will feel forever long.
  2. Glanced out the window to see snow everywhere...again. Still hopin' and prayin' for that lovely summer sun!
  3. Today's Meal: Taco Soup. The simplest recipe, the most delicious soup. I am loving this recipe; it was so easy to make, and the aroma filled our apartment with goodness. Nothing makes me feel more successful than hearing Max say it's "really good!"
  4. It's PIE day (3.14), so Max and I ate some Banana Creme Pie. And it was creamy ;)
  5. Making cookies. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm on a sugar overload right now... You won't believe how many sugar-laden goodies I've been indulging myself with lately... I told Max I'm going to be diagnosed with Diabetes with how undisciplined I've been.
Once the sun hits Provo, Utah I'll get myself out the door for some exercising. Kind of excited about that since living in a cold, snowy place isn't much for motivation--I mean, I wear coats and pants everyday! It's not like I have a figure to show the moment.

Off I go to finish off those chocolate chip cookies!!!

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