Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Runway Drama

For any of you who watch Project Runway, the recent episode was a bit of over kill. Poor Michael C. Nobody likes him, everybody hates  him. "He can't sew"; "He has no design... no style." He was accused of cheating. And yet, he keeps winning. I relished in Heidi's comment about his design. She was very pleased and said something like, "People kept saying you couldn't sew. And who was that again? Oh wait, she isn't here!" (BTW, she was talking about Ivy).

The recent episode was all about designing for Heidi Klum's collection. The designers created 3 looks, with additional help. That meant past contestants and even more drama. 

Ivy...wow, I can't stand Ivy... she stirs up the pot again by accusing Michael C. of cheating. She claims he is evil and that she believes in karma and he will get whats coming to him. And with spectacular editing, right after claiming her belief in karma, a clip is shown of her eye getting shot at by her sewing machine. Yes.

April is another designer that needs to shut her mouth. She has done much better as the season goes on, but she is always ragging on Michael C. April and Gretchen both have an attitude like, "OMG, I can't believe the judges love Michael C.'s work the best; I feel like what the **** am I doing here?!" Those two need to get off their high horse.

Now I'm not claiming Michael C. as my favorite designer. I just can't believe how dramatic and selfish the other designers are when it comes to his particular designs. 

Mondo has been one I have consistently favored and he has a little attitude himself. Here are a couple I really liked:

And here's the man himself.
I really love the show. My dad can't stand it. He gawks at the so-called "fashion." I exclaimed that they were talented individuals and he said "THAT's a talent?" (this coming from a man that doesn't care what he wears). YES IT'S A TALENT! Silly dad.
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