Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Style vs Comfort?

What did I tell you? A dream!
It's really no shock if I'm seen in fleece pajama pants, an oversized shirt (Max's), a sweatshirt (sometime's Max's..) and my beloved slipper socks when bedtime comes. I'm a dream to behold! Really. Well Mr. Max over here just laughs at me and calls me a grandma! You know what does it in for him? The slipper socks! I seriously don't think he can look at them without being turned off, haha.

Had to take this in a awkward position so you could SEE them.
I LOVE my slipper socks. They are so comfy and they keep my feet warm... it doesn't take much to make me cold either. Anyway, he thinks its just odd that I always go to bed covered from head to toe in clothing (Since I'm always throwing the covers off at least once during the night and I'm dying of thirst). Do slipper socks seem grandma-ish? I know they aren't the most stylish but who goes for style when you're married? It's all about comfort I tell ya! At least, when its cold and you're in for the day...

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  1. haha this is definitely your style. its not that often i see you dressed up.