Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving in AZ

Turkey Trot

Making the Indian Shirts.

Card games, music, laughter. Good to be together.
Family Photo Day. We were getting the babies to smile :)
 Grandpa Scott taught the Smith boys techniques to perform for everyone. I cried. Their mother cried. There's a clear appreciation for karate and dad and the kids performing their very best in my family. Or maybe we're just emotional ;) He then got Kam to throw her hands up in fighting position and Kiai (pronounced key-eye).

Caleb's hair, longer than ever and so adorable! He looked like a little surfer dude.
Sweet Macky. Cuddle bug.
The kids had a bouncy slide all week. It saved the day! They were out there for hours. And hours.
Singing to Grandma Ruthie
Alexis went through the Temple. Special to have the siblings in there together.

 I love my family and I'm so grateful to have spent a week with them! It's a rarity that we are all together under one roof. Luckily they will be coming out for Alexis' wedding this month. Oh, I love it!

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  1. looks like fun! I love the picture of all of you making the kids smile! haha its hilarious!