Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm such a hermit. The only day of the week I am absolutely consistent with grooming my body with my face painted is Sunday. 95% the rest of the time I'm makeup-less, wearing my boots and a sweater with my hair pulled back in a pony. Not only do I dress to please, but I love being home and creating things. Or watching Parks and Rec. Or both at the same time. Dreamy. I really should get a job where I have to face people other than my family...

On to other things... Breaking Dawn? Holy crap, I'm not having a baby after seeing what Bella did. Because obviously my baby will be half human, half vampire. Yes, Max is a bloodsucker. They did a good job of making her look like the baby was literally eating her from the inside out. My body was just cringing. And thanks to being married to Max, I couldn't help but think of him during the scenes I KNEW he would have made fun of had he been present. I've heard some great commentary from that guy! ha.

On to other things... School is over this week. One final left, and I've kinda been acting like I already took it. Christmas-itis? Vacation-itis? I-want-this-class-to-be-over-itis? We all know it's not Senioritis.

On to other things... I don't think I'll reach my resolution this year of getting my black belt. DANG IT! Goal is now set three months from now. I freaking better kick myself if I can't pull it together. I know I blame school, but I could have had it by now if I wasn't full of excuses. I must really like it if I'm willing to be doing it for so long. Can't have a baby if I don't have my B.B. It's my prerequisite to starting a family. It's ok if you don't understand...

On to other things... Alexis and Jared are getting married in 16 days! Better honker down on all the wedding plans. I just finished this for them:

It's a fingerprint tree. Originally it was going to be a guestbook but now we're having it for their families and bridal party. It will be a fun art piece to display in their home.

Back to my hermiting...

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