Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I did it.

I tried to hold off. Really. I did. But I had a lot of free time today and I ended up pulling out a couple things I've been collecting for Halloween. I just can't wait for this Fall weather to actually FEEL like Fall weather (wasn't Sunday just wonderful?! Gimme more of that).
Pumpkin Candy dish! So cute. And great for Halloween or Thanksgiving :)
I have a pair of these. Owls are cute and, to me, are festive. Love the gold detail.
I rearranged the pictures I had on the wall behind the couch and above the fireplace. I just did a little switch-a-roo. We'll see if I like the feel of it for a little while. It always takes a little time, especially since our picture of Christ is so rich and dark in colors, while my Bird Canvas Art is light. 

This is the banner I just finished sewing today! Still thinking if this is the right place for it, but for now, it stays. My M.I.L. gave the kit to me and I'm happy with how it turned out! I'm glad my pillow covers I sewed (pictured above) also have a little bit of orange in the pattern.

And here is where my canvas art ended up. I also had those orange, PUMPKIN SPICE candles. Much better contrast than when my picture of Christ was above the fire place. And I love those rich, fall scents... mmm, so warm and cozy.

The dining area needed a little something. I hung 3 tissue balls above the table. I like it. Also, you can see my frames. THAT took a long time to get used to. I still look at it and think of other things I could do.

I sewed a Halloween themed table runner this morning also and bubbled it on the table since I don't really like the look of table runners on a round table. And of course the glass pumpkin with candy corn. THE candy of Halloween.

I have other ideas, but I can't get ahead of myself here! This is very minimal decor but enough to make it feel festive. I'm satisfied for it being September 27th.

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