Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night was sparring in Karate Class. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate sparring. (Ok, well, I sorta am beginning to tell you)... I seriously try to avoid it at all costs and it has made me (a brown belt) like a white belt fighter. I kid you not, I am elementary in sparring when I should be advanced.

I truly cringe inside at the announcement from my dad:

 In the past, I've tried being late, or forgetting my gear. Somehow he always has a spare set laying around and somehow I'm never late enough... Oh the agony.

You know what else I hate about sparring? That I'm a cry baby. Ever since I first put on those sparring gloves, I have been a crier because I got hit hard (I have pictures to prove it if my memory doesn't do it for you). Like last night, I got hit in the face and my reaction is to burst out the water works. Max got hit too and he ended up with a bloody nose! The difference is he actually likes sparring and it's probably his favorite part of class.

And look at Josh Costa from the demonstration we did a couple weekends ago. He got hit in the face with a stick, cracked his glasses, and he didn't even flinch. Blood is dripping down his face and not one tear. AMAZING. But no, not me, I cry if I get whacked in the face with a padded glove.

I can't help it either. It's like a reflex.
Hit Ashley=Cry Reflex.

I know I'm fine. But this instant reaction to cry just sucks. Which leads me to my other point. I hate it when the opponent starts feeling bad because he sees my eyes glistening with tears and my eyes getting red. The worst is when they try to be all sympathetic and ask "Are you alright? Are you ok?" YES, I'M OK! Stop asking. It only makes it worse when people try to do that. It's a freaking reflex; I can't help it. Just forget it ever happened.

I hate sparring. It's almost enough to make me quit...thats how much I hate it.

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  1. Never ever give up! Wait patiently; then counter. Ridge hand to the head works great.