Thursday, February 25, 2010

An answer to my prayers

So I finally found someone to buy my Gold's Gym membership. Well, they found me. For months I have relentlessly posted ads on Craigslist, KSL, and Facebook, practically begging people to buy my contract. I prayed many times, everyday, every month for this to happen. And it finally has. A big thank you to Mikaela.

Reasons why I don't like Gold's Gym:
1. They trick you into getting a contract (poor innocent me at the clutches of those schemers!) That salesmen got me and my friend good. And he made all sorts of claims that ended up not being true in the end. Like he said to transfer my contract to someone else wouldn't cost me a thing. LIE. He said that I could freeze my account at no additional charge. LIE. I mean, come on! How low do you have to go?!
2. It is INCREDIBLY hard to get out of their contracts. You have to either find someone to take over it and pay $100 for the transfer fee. OR I prove that I'm moving out of the state and pay $100. They told me that if I was moving home to live with my parents, I'd have to have my name put on the bills to prove I was living there. LAME.
3. Creeper bros hitting on me when I'm CLEARLY only there to work out. I mean, I have my headphones in my ears which translates to "Leave me alone, I don't want to talk to anyone but work out and listen to my music." They obviously never got that memo.

What I learned from my experience with Gold's Gym:
1. Never trust a salesmen at face value.
2. Read the contract through and through. No skimming!
3. Wear a ring on my finger to keep the bros away. Now that I'm married, that shouldn't be a problem...Oh work they don't get it either! That's another story....

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  1. i love you hash, and i love your blog address, very clever, happy cooking and yay for no golds contract!