Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The skinny on my life

1. Still waiting for bank approval of our offer. Longest 40ish days ever. Gives you a lot of time to doubt their acceptance of it. Gah. Day dreaming... Until then...
2. After this week, 13 more weeks left of school. That's not so bad right? It used to be 16. Now it's only 13...
3. I MUST get an A in my Physio class. MUST. Or else I'm in trouble. And that's no good for any body. Thank you Counselor of Sierra College for reminding me.
4. BYU doesn't have academic renewal. SUCKY. I should have realized that just because I could get into a class without taking the required pre-requisite, I wouldn't be able to have that class removed from my transcript later in the future when it mattered. That PDBIO class is coming back to haunt me.
5. Slowly losing my L-B's. Running and green smoothies are my friends now.
6. I have a nasty craving for carbs. ALWAYS. Why why why. I just love bread!
7. My hair is cut off (shoulder length). Love how easy it is to manage. Sometimes I miss my long locks, but not as much as I love my short ones.
8. I organized other people's crap treasures today and it felt wonderful. I needed a project. Organizing counts as one.
9. The number of pregnancy announcements are increasing. Sheesh. I'm ok though... really. My sister is one of them. Aunty again come February!
10. Is this list as pointless as I think it is?

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