Monday, July 26, 2010

Call back

cool kid art 6, 11/2008Image by steev-o via Flickr
KidzArt called me. They want me to come sit in on a class to make sure this is what I want and that this will work for me (and Max). They want me. I've only had 3 interviews my entire life. All 3 were successful. Ha. Three...

Gotta say, closer it comes to commitment I get anxious. Will I be a good teacher? Can I teach these K-5th grade kids how to draw?! I'm sure I can. I know I can draw. But teaching is a whole other ball game. I've taught karate, I've taught a college class (once...remember?) and I've even taught my niece and nephews how to draw various things before. A lot less structured type of teaching with them, but counts.

I need a job. Something to make me feel like I'm working towards a paycheck. That would be nice to see our piggy bank get a little bigger... I'm excited. I love art. I love kids. I hope my fear of teaching or falling below expectations does not hinder my succeeding!

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