Friday, May 14, 2010

4.5 weeks

5-point list of why I'm happy this week:
  1. I gave the presentation I was dreading a few posts back. 
  2. I led the discussion in Psych 410R.
  3. I'm on top of my assignments for every class thus far.
  4. Only 4.5 weeks left and we're outta here!
  5. And I'm gearing up for a test that I have NOT forgotten!
You'd think that preparing for a test doesn't exactly equate to happiness, but after missing the last exam for this class, my mind has been set in caution mode. I cannot miss it, and I've been consciously thinking about it every day this week. Not to mention I've lessened my anxiety over passing or failing this class by calculating my potential grades come June 17th.
They are as follows:
If I get 100% on all the quizzes, I can...
Score 90% on the remaining exams= 80% Final Class Grade
Score 85% on the remaining exams=77% Final Class Grade
Score 80% on the remaining exams=74% Final Class Grade
Score 75% on the remaining exams=71% Final Class Grade
Score 70% on the remaining exams=68% Final Class Grade

Now let me interject and point out, that I really don't want to get a 'D' in this course, I'm aiming for a 'C' and though that may not be awesome, though it may only be average (more like super sucky since BYU has grade inflation with all the smarty pants here), considering my circumstances I'd accept a 'C' gladly.

Score 65% on the remaining exams=65% Final Class Grade
Score 60% on the remaining exams=62% Final Class Grade
Score 55% on the remaining exams=60% Final Class Grade

Once I saw I could fail every remaining exam and still get a 'D' passing (by a hair)...I realized that I would never fail an exam in this class. And if I know I'd never fail, much less get a D on the exams, I know I'll be in the 70 percentiles. I figured I'd at least get a 'C' in the class (so long as I don't miss anymore exams!) And I get 100% on quizzes. 

I can do this. And I don't feel so stressed anymore...or should I say as much anymore... I still have 4.5 weeks before jumping for joy or crying over failure.

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